September Family Newsletter 2019

From the Director

Hello again Treasured Tots Families,

Welcome to our September Newsletter, lots has been happening around the centre lately and as we head into the busy season, I am sure lots more will take place.

We have taken a big sustainability leap lately and added lots of elements to support our cause. There are plenty of opportunities for families to participate! Bring in your pre-loved books and leave them for someone else, or swap one over. Share some home grown or homemade produce on our Grow Cart and help yourselves to what is available. Or you can collect your bread tags, bottle tops and coffee pods for our recycling station and help support a good cause.                                                                  The Worms in our worm farm and our two chickens (Sarah and Duck) are enjoying the children’s leftovers; we are eagerly awaiting our first fresh eggs. Seeds have been planted for the summer; we will care for them together and hope to enjoy the summer salads and vegetables coming our way. We have implemented “Lights off Hour” between 12pm-1pm throughout the centre to help reduce our carbon footprint and we continually talk to the children about the use of electricity as well as water efficiency when washing hands and using the hose outside.

A reminder that this Monday the 16th and Thursday the 19th we have Lift the Lip visiting the centre to screen children’s teeth. If you would like them to give your child’s teeth a quick look at then please complete the consent form at Admin.

Next week also marks the anniversary of Treasured Tots Brahma Lodge opening. We are turning 1! To celebrate, the week will be full of lots of fun games, activities and of course cake. We will get out the face paints during the week and get creative with the children. If you are happy for your child to have a small design painted on their face, please sign off next to their name on the roll in each classroom. See educators for further details.

Now that the UV index level is consistently 3 and above we will be applying sunscreen to all children 20 minutes before going outside. We do insist all children and educators wear a hat outside at all times.



From the Admin Hub


Centrelink has commenced the CCS reconciliation process so it is extremely important that you regularly check your MyGov as they may send you tasks and messages requesting you to update your details with them and to notify you of any changes to your entitlements. It is important to understand that it is the families’ responsibility to manage your CCS with Centrelink.

If after reconciliation you are advised that you were overpaid it is extremely important that you respond to the notice that will be sent to you. If a CCS overpayment letter is ignored and a repayment arrangement has not been entered into then 20% withholding of future CCS payments will be applied.  This will result in an increased gap payment of your fees that Precious Cargo will have to process.

Some important points that you need to be aware of regarding CCS entitlements are that children can have up to 42 absences before your CCS is no longer paid. If your child has 8 weeks of consecutive absences, Centrelink will cease your child’s CCS enrolment and recover any paid CCS back to their last physical day of attendance. If you travel overseas, CCS is no longer claimable if you are absent for 6 consecutive weeks. If any of these instances are likely to occur it is very important you discuss this with your Director.

Please remember to provide the centre with copies of any updated immunisation records.

Precious Cargo relies on the timely payment of fees. Fee payment is due Thursday fortnightly.  Please ensure sufficient funds are held in your nominated account.

Can you please ensure you regularly check your emails, as this is the primary means of communication from the Administration Hub.


Hello Starfish Families,

We would like to start by welcoming all our new children and their families to the centre and to our little Starfish Community. We look forward to getting to know you all and aim to support you through the transition. If there are ever any question or concerns, we are here to help at any time.

We would also like to farewell our graduating children who have happily moved into the Blue Jay room. Xavier and Connor, we can’t wait to see what you will learn on your next journey and have loved having you with us as you reached some amazing milestones.

We are beginning to look at the community around us, and ways in which we can access people and places. We recently spent the morning baking cookies, then bagged them up and went for a walk over to Brahma Lodge Primary School to share our treats and say ‘Hello’. Venturing around the neighbourhood safely to post letters, collect flowers and greet our neighbours has been a good start to exploring our community.

We have been busy putting together little photo books for each child in the room. The books are of family members and are used to promote belonging and a sense of security within the environment. We have been using photos from your Family Trees so if you have not yet supplied us with any or would like to give us some new ones, we encourage you to bring them in or email them to Naomi at so all children can have their own little family book.

Book Week was lots of fun with some great dress-ups and many books read and talked about. The ‘Fancy Dress Farmyard’ book was definitely a favourite during the week.

A quick reminder about hats and ensuring your child has one at all times so we can all enjoy this beautiful sunshine.


Miranda, Christine and Amal.

Welcome to spring!!! Finally, the warm weather is coming back so we plan to be spending lots more time outside working on our garden. We have some sunflower seeds that we will be planting soon and together with the children, we are putting together a plan to revamp our veggie patch. If anyone has any seeds or cuttings they would like to donate, we can definitely make use of them.

The chickens have fast become a big part of our family. We ensure they have enough water and pellets and like to give them some of our scraps throughout the day. We are going to continue learning about how to care for them, what they need, and what they hopefully will give us…….very soon.

We were lucky enough to receive some fabulous book packs from The Little Big Book Club during Book Week and hope your children are enjoying reading them at home. We really do value literacy within our programme and believe it is vital to the growth of little brains for so many reasons. We will continue embedding literacy into our environment on an ongoing basis.

Coming up soon, we will celebrate ‘Diwali’, the Festival of Lights. Neetu will give us an insight to her culture and how they celebrate this important period. 

Hi families,

Spring is finally upon us and bringing some sunnier days which is a welcome relief.  The sunshine is allowing us to have more time outside which means we are back into higher U.V. rates requiring the application of sunscreen and hats.  Could I please remind parents that all children need to bring hats everyday regardless of weather and they need to be broad brim as per Sun Safe regulations. Hoodies and caps are not deemed sun safe under our policies.  We will invest in a hanging pocket system so that children’s hats can remain here if that is easier for you.

I have been able to talk to a few parents but in case you have been missed we are currently doing September Show and Tell on pets. Feel free to bring in a picture of your child’s pet or a pet they would wish for but we would also like to encourage children to just talk about the subject so a photo is not vital. Due to only a small amount of children really wanting to do S & T we have been able to do it on any day so a set day of the week isn’t necessary.

We have been doing lots of experiences and displaying our learning in the room around Becoming, Being and Belonging so feel free to stop and have a look at the photos, Floor Book and your children’s individual Journals near the lockers.

Special events/subjects we have been addressing or will be discussing on our Program this month are National Threatened Species, Unnatural and naturally made things, Sustainability, Caring for others (RUOK Day) and environment. 

Some other reminders are:

  • Spares changes of clothes in case of toilet accidents, and mud play and/or water play which will be happening regularly on warm days.
  • Please do not bring in food from home as it conflicts with our food policy and may put children with allergies at risk. Breakfast is available from 6.30a.m-8am and fruit is served at 9.15/9.30am. 


Rachel, Caitlin and Casey.

The Canary Room Educators