January Family Newsletter 2019

From the Director

A big welcome to 2019, I hope you all enjoyed the festive season with family and friends and are ready to conquer the year ahead.

We celebrated Christmas in the centre with a communal lunch of Turkey and Roast Vegetables followed by a well-received Jelly Cup. It was a quiet day and lots of fun was had by all.

The New Year brings with it new friends to the centre. We have happily welcomed many new families to our little community and know they will settle in well with the support and guidance from all Educators. Keep an eye out for our staff photo board in the reception area, this will highlight which room each staff member works in and who our Casual Educators are.


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In the coming months, you may see new Educators in the centre as our numbers build; we will endeavour to keep you posted about them.

The children are currently splitting into three groups as follows: 6 weeks -2years, 2-3 years and 3+ years. This structure is working well as we can cater for a more specific age group and meet children’s needs more successfully. Classrooms have settled into a routine and discussed class rules, now the focus is on respecting the environment and our friends.

Learning Journeys and Floor Books are now underway with lots of specific programming happening, please do not hesitate to have a chat to an educator about your child’s progress, interests and learning achievements, they are more than happy to share observations, pictures and art work with you.

Thank you to all who came and joined us for our “New Year Party”. The Bouncy Castle was definitely the highlight of the night! We really appreciate gathering as a community in a less formal matter, it was nice to chat to everyone outside of ‘child care’ hours.

In the coming months we hope to begin some gardening projects and as the weather cools down a little we will look into introducing a new pet to the centre. We are also starting a free, 1 hour Playgroup on the 19th of February so if you know of anyone who may be interested, spread the word.

We are in the process of having a shade sail put up in the small toddler yard, this will enable the babies and toddlers to utilise this space more effectively.

It will also provide more shade for the lovely plant Alexi and Anastasia’s Mum kindly donated to us a few weeks ago, the children are trying their best to keep it growing.

Thanks for your continuous positive feedback, the whole staff team do truly appreciate being surrounded by lovely families and their children, it makes ‘work’ far more enjoyable.

Warmest regards

Important Information from Admin

Signing In/Out

Under the new Child Care Subsidy, as of Monday 14 January 2019, approved providers will be required to report drop off and pick up times for each child for whom Child Care Subsidy is being claimed, when submitting their weekly session reports to the Federal Government. This will ensure that any CCS entitlements are paid and deducted from child/ren daily fee.

Drop of and pick up times are recorded when the parent/guardian sign the child in/out via the iPad.

To ensure your ongoing CCS payments please ensure your child is signed in/out at every attendance.

Statement of Entitlement

Regulations also now require us to provide a Statement of Entitlements (your account) to parents/guardians of children eligible for CCS or ACCS enrolled in our services once every fortnight which includes details of the sessions of care provided and the resulting fee reduction amounts. As a result this will mean that from the next charging (24/1/19) we will be providing you with an account that covers a 4 week period – the current week, the previous week and the next 2 weeks.

Notice of intention to Leave

Long Day Care – When families no longer require a place in the child care classes, the centre must be notified in writing. Please note we require a minimum of 4 weeks written notice. The account will be settled using the funds from the bond payment. If there is any outstanding balance then the family must finalise that immediately. If the family has a credit this amount will be refunded to them once their account has been reconciled.

IMPORTANT NOTICE – Once you have provided your 4 week notice period the Child Care Subsidy is only applicable up to your last day of attendance. If your last day of attendance is prior to the end of your 4 week notice period you will be responsible for the payment of the full fee of each day from the last day of attendance until the completion of the 4 week notice period.

Fortnightly Payments

Our Centre relies on the timely payment of fees to enable us to meet our obligations to pay operating costs, most of which have fixed and regular dates for payment. We ask that sufficient funds are held in your nominated account to meet your fortnightly payment.

Accounts are emailed to you on the Tuesday prior to the Thursday charge and we ask that you review your account and contact the Admin Centre by the Wednesday (4pm at the latest) should you have any queries as we are not able to reverse payments after that time

Reminder of Change in payment provider

As previously advised, our software provider is changing the company that processes our payments. Your statements will from 21/1/19 show Debitsuccess (this changes from Ezidebit).

In the Starfish room this month, we have been exploring children’s cultural backgrounds.

We have gathered information about our children and where they come from and will be using this information to explore their cultures through identifying flags, using language (teaching different ways to say words like hello and goodbye), music and food.

We will also be using children’s cultures to celebrate Australia Day inclusively.

The children have been enjoying lots of water play as it began to get quite hot, playing with water inside, outside and exploring lots of different colours and smells like rosemary, mint and lemon.

We have been supporting the children with practical life skills such as scraping their own bowls, serving their own food, putting cups away and wiping their own faces. They are becoming quite independent and are quickly retaining the new information and predicting what to do next.

We are looking forward to nature walks as it becomes cooler outside, exploring our community and welcoming lots of new children.

From the Starfish Team – Miranda and Caitlin

Welcome everyone to 2019. We hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year spent with your families.

A very big welcome to our new friends who have recently joined us in the Blue Jay Room: Joel, Gianni and Ryan. We look forward to getting to know you and your families and guiding you in building new friendships and learning new skills.

As our numbers grow within the centre, we will be utilising the appropriate rooms for our age groups. Currently we are catering for 2-3 year olds and are looking forward to exploring experiences with this age in mind.

We ask that if there are any areas your children are showing any particular interest in, or any skills you would like us to focus on, please speak to either Christine or Bron.

We would love to create a tailored program for the children and parent input is a great help to achieve learning.

At this time, we are focusing on Practical Life skills from washing hands and dressing to cleaning, sweeping, wiping tables and packing away. We believe these skills are essential in building independence and confident children as well as being very fun to practice.

Just a small reminder that hats must be brought each day as it is very sunny in our outdoor environment. Please also remember to label all of your children’s belongings.

Please don’t hesitate to have a chat with us at any time.

From the Blue Jay Team – Christine and Bron

Welcome to the 3-5 room where we have been busy exploring all things Australian.

From music and food to land marks and maps. It has been interesting to hear and see what the children think and know of Australia.

We created flags, made damper, built the Sydney Harbour Bridge, ran under sprinklers, ate a snag in bread and enjoyed a Zooper Dooper on a very hot day. There is so much to explore, it will definitely be a topic that we will keep researching.

It has been great setting up the Canary Room for using on a daily basis.

Together we have been conquering the Montessori resources and discovering how to work together, listen to each other, help one another and grow independent. The children have taken great ownership of their environment.

From the Canary Team